Welcome To Bramic Industries

Bramic Industries is a full-service machine shop located in the suburbs of Chicago. Specializing in industrial cams for more
than 30 years means we have the equipment and know how to produce complex components to exacting specifications.
We pride ourselves on providing high-quality products that meet specifications, on time, every time.

Primary Products and Services

  • Industrial Cams
    • Soft Stage
    • Hardened and Ground
  • Low-Volume Precision CNC Machining
    • Any Material
    • Any Condition
  • Light Assembly
  • Engineering Services
    • Simple Machine Troubleshooting and Repair
    • Component Design Consultation
    • Reverse Engineering

Industrial Cams

We are passionate about cams and all forms of mechanical motion control. Our customers design, fabricate,
and service high volume production machines for a variety of industries around the world –  food and drink
preparation and packaging, large scale printing, medical device production and a host of other automation applications.
With over 30 years’ experience, we’ve either seen it or something very much like it.

Face Cams
Box Cams
Ribbon Cams
Conjugate Cams
Linear Cams
Multiple Swing Arm Cams
Plate Cams
Index Cams
Split / Segmented Cams
OD & ID Cams
Geneva Cams

From simple rotating eccentrics, to complex motions with multiple followers – up to 36” in diameter, up to 72” long,
soft stage or hardened and ground, tight tolerances, fine finishes – all are within our capabilities.


Low-Volume Precision CNC

Our passion for cams has fueled our growth through the years – between our association with Lenrok
Industries; our extensive supply base; and our investment in technology and our membership; we have
the capability to offer a wide range of services. Rest assured, we can assist you in your success at any
stage in the product life cycle, from ideation and concept, through prototyping, into production, and
even help source spare parts when the volumes decline at the end of the product life cycle.

And we’re not just talking about industrial cams now, either. We’re talking about any complex metal or
plastic components.

From something as simple as basic milling or turning work, all the way up to 4-axis milling and
grinding, and everything in between – if we can’t do it here, we can get it done: accurately and on time.

Contact Us

  • Phone: (630) 628-1946
    Fax: (630) 628-0038
  • Address:
    542 W. Winthrop Avenue
    Addison, Illinois 60101